Wednesday, May 19, 2010

episode 15

Its a double douchebag with a half douche twist show! Ustream again!! Sierra busted her finger while playing with pussy. Vanessa is down from the great white north to join us. Craigslist guy got clingy and creepy. Sierra's mom's boobs make their internet debut! AmbroseG wants more of Mom's boobs. Kat and Shirl are also in studio. Elexia cards guests and Sierra's luau. Calypso is out sick.

Elexia and Mikey have raunchy sweaty sex. Nobody likes the Tuna Twat!

Badussy (BAH du ssy) Butt-Ass-Dick-Pussy; the smell of good sex!

Chimps masturbate too!

Douchebag #1 = the boy from Phoenix AZ goes silent
Douchebag #2 = Calypso's ex husband finds Jesus (kinda)
The Half Douchebag twist = Duchebag Kurt buys a house with the bitch he cheated on Sierra with.

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