Monday, January 17, 2011

Episode 50: 01/16/11

The Cocoa Brown Show: Ustream viewers get a "backstage pass" - It's ADD in the studio with the frenzi-ness of the Skinny Girls. Sierra's boobs are on restriction due to her secret special date, Calypso's ménage à almost, a PLUSH Nightclub recap, how to measure a penis (Sierra has a big one), Elexia's body loves Silent Mic, the parade of prostitutes through Lisa's shoppe, Penny's married body not giving a f@#k, then the girls are starstruck stupid by the fabulous Cocoa Brown. After the break, they return with the Skinny on LV girls Lisa and Penny. The 'Skinny' girls make sure we know that the show has nothing to do with skinny be-otches, the girls learn what the "S" word is and then discuss fist-ing, lipstick lesbians, and parachuting naked. To finish, the girls discuss rats biting penises, vagacials, beating policemen with pyrex dildos. Calypso and Sierra tell the stories: 51. Pilot Hotel Guy Story & the 46. Habib Guy Story - then Sierra reads some of her poetry - Music at the break was provided by Tofu916 - This show was recorded live on Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 8pm at

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SinCityBounty said...

We're still starstruck stupid!